Why Holden Cruzes are one of the most common cars we remove

Holden Cruzes are notorious for having problematic engines and for that reason, we find ourselves at A1 Car Removals buying a lot of them. If you own a Holden Cruze or have previously owned one, you would know they are expensive to maintain. 

Most customers who have contacted A1 Car Removals to purchase their Holden Cruzes have all said a similar thing “they aren’t reliable”. Since Holden stopped manufacturing in Australia, parts have not only become less assessable but are expensive. 

We then find all Holden Cruze customers in a similar situation, what do I do with my car? 

A number of scenarios are most often considered, should I invest the money and repair the car? Should I have the car repaired and then sell it privately? Or maybe I’ll just park the car outside my house and eventually I’ll figure something out. Most of the time option three is taken, park the car outside until if figure something out, the reason being is parts for Holden Cruzes aren’t cheap, therefore when the owner is quoted repairs the bill is often worth more than the value of the car. 

It isn’t until they come across one of A1 Car Removals flyers in their letterboxes, or they have stumbled across our website that they find a solution. 

A1 Car Removals buys and removes cars across all suburbs of Melbourne. Our service is designed to prevent individuals from investing money into cars that are either too expensive to repair or no longer serving them with a purpose. We cover the cost of the removal and the transfer fees on all complete cars. 

To have your unwanted car removed, contact A1 Car Removals on 0421992090

Holden Cruze purchased by A1 Car Removals
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