Truck Removals

Do you have an old truck you’ve been meaning to dispose of? A1 Car Removes is here to help, we offer truck removal to all suburbs of Victoria. Don’t let your truck weather away when you can cash it in today. A1 Car Removals pays up to $20,000 for complete vehicles including trucks. 

A1 Car Removals has been purchasing and disposing of truck since 2001. Over the past 2 decads, we have seen similarites as to why individuals dispose of their trucks. This includes:

Your truck is to expensive to repair:

Getting your truck in working order can come at a massive expense, most of the time the cost involved in repairing the vehicle is nore then the vehicles worth. Therefore customers don’t see the value in repairing the car and instead sell it to A1 Car Removals. If your vehicle is costing you more then its overall worth, its a sign it’s ready to be disposed of.

Your truck no longer serves you with a purpose:

You may have used the truck for work purposes or possibly as a home project, however if your truck is no longer serving you with any purpose you may as well sell it instead of letting it weather away. A1 Car Removals purchases trucks of all makes and models, contact us today for a quote. 

You’ve inherited a truck however you don’t want to invest in the money preparing it for a private sale: 

Preparing a vehicle for private sale can be painful, if you are looking to avoid the hassle of preparing your vehicle for a private sale, then A1 Car Removals is the service for you. There is no need to prepare the vehicle for sale or invest money into marketing platform, A1 Car Removals comes to you. 


Have your truck removed in 4 simple steps 

Contact us

Take the first step and give the team at A1 Car Removals Melbourne a call. We will give you an estimate of your vehicles worth and schedule a time to inspect the truck.

We inspect the vehicle

Once we have organised a time to suit your schedule, a member of our team will view the vehicle. Once inspected we will make you an offer based on the overall condition of the truck.

We pay you

When we have agreed on a price we will proceed with the completing the paperwork. The agreed amount will be transfered into your bank account prior to us removing the vehicle.

We remove your vehicle

Now all the paperwork is complete, the team at A1 Car Removals Melbourne will remove your unwanted vehicle.

Will I be paid cash for my Old Truck?

No. It is illegal to pay cash within this industry. A1 Car Removals pays via bank transfer or a non transferable cheque.

What documentation do I need to have my truck removed?

We require an Australian Drivers license and the keys to the truck. If you don’t hold an Australian Drivers licenses then you can provide a international license or passport. If you do not hold an Australain drivers license we will also require proof of ownership to complete the transfer paperwork.

How quickly can I have my truck removed

We offer same day removal to most suburbs of Melbourne. Contact our team to check if your suburb is eligible.

Do I need a roadworthy certificate to sell my Truck to A1 Car Removals ?

No, we are licensed by VicRoads to purchase, transfer and remove vehicles without a roadworthy certificate. 

We are open everyday of the year 

Excluding Easter long weekend and Christmas Daay

Find out your vehicles worth

Complete our online enquiry form and we will get back to you with a quote shortly.


Ready to have your truck removed?