4×4 Removal

Do you own an unwanted 4×4? A1 Car Removals Melbourne purchases, removes and disposes of unwanted four wheel drives across all suburbs of Victoria. If you own a 4×4 that no longer serves you with any purpose, contact the team at A1 Car Removals. We pay up to $20,000 for complete vehicles

It’s time to dispose of your 4×4

Here are some comommon indications that its time to sell you car to A1 Car Removals:

You have upgraded cars:

Have you recently purchases a new car? If you are looking to avoid the headaches of selling your old car privately, give A1 Car Removals Melbourne a call. We purchase complete vehicles of all makes and models. The benefit to selling your car to A1 Car Removals is there is no cost preparing your vehicle for private sale (marketing, detailing, roadworthy certificate and transfer fees etc). A1 Car Removals covers all the costs involved in removing and transferring your unwanted vehicle (t&c apply) 

You’ve inherited a family members car that you aren’t using

Recently inherited a second car? If you are looking to make some quick and easy money call A1 Car Removals Melbourne. We take the stress out of selling your vehicle privately. 


It’s to expensive to repair

Is your vehicle costing you more than its overall worth? If this is the case then its time to dispose of your unwanted car. Unfortunately outdated cars can cost a massive amount of money to repair, as vehicles age so do the vehicles parts. If you are repeatedly replacing parts on your unwanted car, contact the team at A1 Car Removals. We pay anywhere between $50-20,000 for complete vehicles.

It’s no longer driving

Do you own a vehicle that isn’t starting? If you don’t want to invest in the money to get your car back on the road, contact A1 Car Removals. We purchase vehicles in all types of condition. Even if your car isn’t starting its worth enquiring to see what its scrap metal value is. 

It’s been involved in an accident

Has your vehicle been involved in an accident? A1 Car Removals removes vehicles that have been in accident. Contact us today to find out more information. 

A1 Car Removes is an Australian owned and operated family business. 

You are supporting a locally owned business when you choose A1 Car Removals to dispose of your vehicle.

Find out your vehicles worth

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