Car Removals Frequently Asked Questions

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Will I be charged to have my car removed?

A1 Car Removals covers all costs including the tranfer and removal fee, if the car is complete. If we are removing an incomplete car then there may be a removal fee associated with the service. We recommend contacting our team to discuss the condition of your vehicle.

What will I be paid for my vehicle?

A1 Car Removals pays betweeen $50-20,000 for vehicles. We recommend completing our online enquiry form or contacting our team to get an exact price on the vehicle. 

If my vehicle is in a good condition will I be paid more?

Yes, the condition of your vehicle will influence the amount A1 Car Removals offers you.

Does A1 Car Removal purchase all types of cars?

We purchase all complete cars. This means the vehicle must have all of it main elements such as its engine, exhaust system, tyres etc. If a car has been parted out, then we will not pay you to remove it. 

Do I have to dispose of the registration plates?

No, A1 Car Removals Melbourne is licensed by VicRoads LMCT 9999. We take care of all the transfer paperwork including disposing of the registration plates.

If my car has finance owing can I sell it to A1 Car Removals?

No, we do not remove any vehicles that still have finance owing. If you are wanting to sell your vehicle to A1 Car Removals you will need to pay the finance off first.

Do I need to obtain a roadworthy certificate to sell my car to A1 Car Removals?

No, A1 Car Removals is licensed by VicRoads to purchase and remove vehicles without a current roadworthy certificate.

What documentation do I need to sell my car to A1 Car Removals ?

For A1 Car Removals to remove your vehicle we require an Australian Drivers License and the keys to the vehicle. If you do not obtain an Australian Drivers License then we will need some other form of photo i.d and proof of ownership. 

Do I need to hand in the Registration Plates to VicRoads?

No, A1 Car Removals are licensed by VicRoads LMCT 9999. We handle all transfer paperwork including disposing of the registration plates.

Can I have a car removed if I am not the owner?

Not unless you are a power of attorney. It is illegal to sell someone elses car without them present. If you are a power of attorney we will require documentation to remove the vehicle.

I have lost the keys to the car can I still have it removed?

Yes, we will require prood of ownership and a drivers license to remove a car without keys. 

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