Old Car Removal 

A1 Car Removals purchases cars of all ages including older makes and models. If you own a vehicle manufactured pre 1990s don’t invest in the time and energy trying to sell it, A1 Car Removals will pay you to remove it (T&C apply). Trying to repair older cars can cost you more than the overall value of the vehicle, to prevent this from occurring A1offers old car removal. We pay up to $50-20,000 for older cars, contact us today to find out the value of your vehicle.


Common indication you need to sell your old car: 

Older cars are expensive to fix:

As vehicles age they can be harder to repair without spending lots of money. This comes down to the availability on the repairs required to get the vehicle in working order. Instead of investing into your older car sell it to A1 Car Removals. We offer a competitive rate to remove your old unwanted car.

Older cars can be unreliable: 

As cars age they can become unreliable, this comes down wear and tear. If you own an older vehicle that is repeatedly having parts fail, we recommend contact us to quote its value while it’s still holds some value. 

Sell your car before it develops rust: 

If an older vehicle develops rust it can cause irreversible damage to the car. If your vehicle is currently sitting outside weathering away, contact our team to get an estimate on your car before it become rusted. 

Struggling to find the time to have your vehicle removed?

A1 Car Removals operates from 7am-9pm 7 Days a Week. 

Old Car Removal FAQ’s

Do you have a question? We may have already answered it. Check out our most common old car removal questions.

Do I need a roadworthy certificate to sell my old car to A1 Car Removals?

No, A1 Car Removals are Licensed by VicRoads to purchase and transfer vehicles without the car passing a roadworthy inspection. 

Do I need to take the registration plates into VicRoads after A1 Car Removals has purchased it?

No, being licensed by VicRoads we take car of all the paperwork including transferring and disposing of the plates

Will I be paid more for my car if it is in a good condition?

Absolutely, the condition of your vehicle plays a contributing factor to the amount A1 Car Removals will offer you.

Will I be paid for my vehicle before it is removed?

Yes. The agreed amount will be transfered into your account, and a receipt will be provided. We do not recommend using any car removalist company that pays you after they have removed the vehicle incase the money isn’t paid into your account. 

Have your old car removed in 4 easy steps

Contact us

Give us a call or complete our online enquiry form. After we have discussed the condition of your vehicle we will organise a time that suits you to inspect it.

We inspect the vehicle

A member of our team will visit the location to inspect the vehicle and offer you a price (T&C apply vehicle must be complete)

We pay you

Once we have agreed on a price for your complete car all paperwork is completed and the money is transferred into your account or paid via non transferable check.

We remove the car

Once all the paperwork has been finalised, A1 Car Removals will remove the vehicle. 

Enquire Online 

Complete our online enquiry form and a member of our team will be incontact with your shortly


Ready to have you car removed?