Damaged Car Removal

Has your vehicle recently been involved in an accident?

If you are looking to dispose of your damaged car because its not worth repairing, A1 Car Removals is here to help.
What is a damaged car removal service?

One of our common services at A1 Car Removals is Damaged Car Removal. This service is offered to individuals who are looking to recycle their car that has recently been involved in a minor or major car accident. The purpose of this service is to prevent individuals in investing money into a vehicle that isn’t worth repairing or instead let the car weather away in their front yard because they don’t know how or who to call to dispose of it.   

Damaged Car Removal (Minor Damage)

Are you looking to sell your damaged car? A1 Car Removals purchases and removes cars across all suburbs of Melbourne. If your car has minor damage then A1 Car Removals will buy it off you. We pay up to $20,000 for complete cars, the amount you are offered for your damaged car is based on the severity of the damage, and the age of the vehicle.

Examples of Minor Damage include smashed headlights, scratches or scrapes to the vehicles panels and broken/smashed windscreens and windows. 

Damaged Car Removal (Major Damage)

Has your vehicle been in a major car accident? Whether the car has been written off by insurance or not, have it removed by A1 Car Removals. We purchase and remove damaged cars across all suburbs of Victoria. The amount of money you will be paid for your vehicle is determined by the condition of the vehicle, it age, make and model.

We pay you

Instead of paying a car removals company to remove your unwanted car, get paid to have it removed. If the car is complete (still has major elements including the engine, exhaust system, panels etc.) then we offer up to $20,000 to remove it (t&c apply)

 We cover the removal fees

We cover all fees associated with having your complete car removed, this includes removal fees and transfer fees.


Damaged cars aren’t an attractive feature to your garden

Why A1 Car Removals:

A1 Car Removals is one of many car removal companies located in Melbourne. However, there are a number of reasons why you should choose A1 to remove your damaged car, including:

We have over 20 years’ experience

A1 Car Removals is a family business with over 20 years experience. Established in 2001, we have created a service that is honest, reliable and stress-free for our customers. Having decades of experience and knowledge of the trade, we are able to provide a service to the highest quality whilst following all Victorian Government rules and regulations surrounding the scrap metal industry

We are Licensed to purchase and remove cars 

Individuals have a limit of the number of cars they can purchase and sell per year. A1 Car Removals is licensed by VicRoads LMCT 9999 to purchase and remove vehicles across all suburbs of Victoria, in addition to this all our drivers hold a valid truck license and we are a fully insured company. 

We are an Australian owned and operated

A1 Car Removals is an Australian owned and operated family business. Covid-19 has taught has a number of this including the importance of supporting a locally owned business.

We are trustworthy and honest 

Unlike other car removal companies, A1 Car Removals does not promote or guarantee cash payments for removing your car. This is because it is illegal to pay cash as a scrap metal dealer. Throughout all of our communication from marketing, to removing your unwanted car we promote an honest and reliable service. 

 We operate 7 days a week

A1 Car Removals is open every day of the year excluding main public holiday (Christmas, Easter Weekend etc) Organise a time that works around your busy schedule to have your car removed. 

Customer Testimonials

Very efficient, knowledgeable and reliable. I have referred a few friends to A1 after having contacted them to remove my old SUV, all are as satisfied as I am. I called A1 from a letterbox flyer and they guided me through the whole transfer and removal process with ease. The guys who came to collect the car were genuine and really nice. Highly recommend!

Ryan Rooney

What is my vehicle worth?

Do you have a question? 

We may have already answered it, here are some of our most commonly asked questions about damaged car removal

Will I be paid cash for my damaged car?

Since 2018, it has been illegal to pay cash within the scrap metal industry. A1 Car Removals pay via instant bank transfer or a non transferable check. Car Removal companies that guarantee cash payments are providing you with misleading information, if you were to be paid cash by a car removal company yourself and their business are at risk of being penalised by VicRoads. 

What cars do you purchase and what ones are removed for free.

A1 Car Removals purchases cars that are complete, this means that major parts ie. engine, wheels, exhaust system etc. must still be on the vehicle. Cars that are not eligible for a payment include cars that have been parted out, major damage non-reparable and cars that are severe rust/weather damage. We recommend contacting our team so we can discuss the condition of the vehicle and its value.  

Will I have to pay a removal fee for my damaged car?

There is no removal fee associated with our service unless we are removing an incomplete vehicle. If your vehicle is missing major elements tyres/wheels, engine etc then we so charge a removal fee. 

What documentation do I need to have my car removed?

A1 Car Removals requires an Australian drivers license and the keys to the vehicle. If you don’t have an Australian drivers license please contact our team and we will outline what documentation is required to complete the transfer. 

Are you looking for a quote?

Complete our online enquiry form. A member of our team will get back to you shortly with a quote. 


Ready to recycle your damaged car?