Are you looking to cash in your unwanted vehicle? A1 Car Removals purchases and removes complete cars of all makes and models. Servicing all suburbs of Melbourne, A1 Car Removals pays up to $20,000 for complete cars. A1 Car Removals is an Australian owned and operated family business, since opening in 2001, A1 Car Removals has become known to many as the convenient way to sell your unwanted car. Our service is designed to prevent individuals from investing money into vehicles that are either to expensive to repair or no longer serving them with a purpose. A1 Car Removals is the convenient way to sell your unwanted complete car, we cover the transfer and removal fees associated with the service.

A1 Car Removals pays up to $20,000 for complete vehicle.

Give us a call

The team at A1 Car removes will ask a few questions about the condition of the vehicle. If enough information is provided without seeing the vehicle we will give you a price estimate of the vehicles worth. 

We Inspect the vehicle

Organise a time for A1 Car Removals to inspect the vehicle. Once inspected we will offer you an amount to have your vehicle removed

We agree on a price

Once we have agreed on a price,we will pay you for the vehicle and complete the transfer paperwork.

We remove the vehicle

Once all the paperwork is finalised, A1 Car Removals will remove the vehicle.

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Car Removal

Damaged Car Removal

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Established in 2001

A1 Car Removals was established in 2001 by husband and wife Raymond and Suzanne. Prior to car removals the couple owned tow-trucks, they were repeatedly towing vehicles to mechanic shops that were no longer worth invest money into due to their age and the cost of the repairs. The couple saw a demand for a service that purchased unwanted vehicles, this is when A1 Car Removals was established.

A1 Car Removal FAQs

Do you have a question about our services? We may have already answered it. Check out some of our most commonly asked questions.

Will I be paid cash for my car?

No, since May 2018 the Victorian Government made it illegal to pay cash when purchasing scrap metal. A1 Car Removals pays via bank transfer or a non transferable bank check.

What documentation do I require to have my car removed?

We require an Australian Drivers License  and the keys to the vehicle.

If my vehicle has been parted out will I still be paid for it?

No, if your vehicle is incomplete we will remove it for free. If the vehicle is missing major elements such as an engine, wheels, etc. then there will be a removal fee.

Will I be charged a removal fee?

No, A1 Car Removals covers all costs if the vehicle is complete.

Does your vehicle still have registration?

No need to stress, A1 Car Removals are licensed motor traders LMCT 9999. Registered with VicRoads we take care of all the transfer paperwork including the registration.

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