Truck Removal Frequently Asked Questions 

What suburbs do you offer your services to?

A1 Car Removals purchases and removes trucks across all suburbs of Victoria.

My truck has finance owing, can I still sell it to A1 Car removals ?

No, A1 Car Removals does not purchase cars that has finance owing. If you are wanting to sell your car to A1 Car Removals you wll need to payout the owing amount prior to selling the  vehicle to A1 Car Removals. 

Will I be charged for the removal?

A1 Car Removals does not charge for the removal of complete vehicle. If the vehicle is incomplete then there will be a removal fee.

I don't have an Australian Drivers license can I still have my truck removed?

Yes, you will need to provide alternative documentation such an Australian Passport or an International Drivers License. We will also require proof of ownership and the keys to the vehicle.

How much will I be paid for my vehicle?

There are a number of factors that influence the amount you will be paid for your car. We recommend completing our online enquiry form or contacting the team at A1 Car Removals for an estimate.

I have lost the keys to my truck can I still have it removed?

Yes, you will need to provide documentation to prove you own the vehicle.

Can I have a vehicle removed if I am not the owner?

No, it is illegal to sell/remove a car if you are not the owner. You are allowed to organise the removal however the owner must be present or you need to be power of attorney, legal documents will be sighted by our team prior to removing the vehicle.

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