Motorbike Removals

Are you looking to dispose of your unwanted motorbike? A1 Car Removals offers Complete Motorbike Removal to all suburbs across Melbourne. Instead of waiting for hard rubbish collection call A1 Car Removals today

A1 Car Removals was established in 2001, we have been recycling all types of vehicles including motorbikes for over 20 years. If you have a road bike, quad bike or dirt bike that has become unwanted, contact the team at A1 Car Removals Melbourne.

Common indications it times to recycle your motorbike

It’s no longer running:

If your motorbike has been sitting in the shed or rusting away outside, it’s time to have it recycled. A1 Car Removals operated 7 days a week, schedule a time that works for you to have your motorbike removed.

You’ve recently upgraded: 

Have you recently purchased a new bike? If you are looking to dispose of your unwanted one A1 Car Removals is the team to call.

You no longer ride it: 

Make some money off your unwanted bike. If you are no longer ridding your motorbike, instead of letting it loose all of it value sitting outside or in your shed call A1 Car Removals. We purchase most makes and models as long as the bike is complete. 

Ready to have your bike removed? 

Motorbike Removal FAQ’s

We have answered our most commonly asked questions motorbike removal questions.

How much will I be paid to have my motorbike removed?

The amount A1 Car Removals offers you is based on the condition, age, make and model. We recommend contacting our team or completing our online enquiry form to get an estimate.

Do you remove incomplete/parted out motorbikes?

No, we only remove complete motorbikes. 

My motorbike still have registration, do I need to dispose of the plates?

No, A1 Car Removals is licensed by VicRoads LMCT 9999. We take care of all the transfer paperwork including disposing of registration plates

Do you remove vespa's and scooters?

Yes, if they are complete.

A1 Car Removals operates 7 days a week


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