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Pre 2006


2006 onwards


Classic Cars


Incomplete Cars


Pricing listed above should be used as a guide to estimate the value of your car.

A1 Car Removals is subject to adjust the price based on the condition of your vehicle.

Pre 2006

Looking to have your pre 2006 car removed? A1 Car Removals will pay you between $50-500 depending on the condition of the vehicle. We removal car of all makes and models. We offer same day removal to most metropolitan suburbs of Melbourne. If you are looking to top up the bank account, contact A1 Car Removals.

2006 Onwards 

Do you have an unwanted car sitting on your front lawn? Cash it in at A1 Car Removals. We are Melbourne car removal experts, the value of your vehicle is worth anything between $200-10,000. The amount A1 Car Removals offers you for your unwanted car is dependent on its age and overall condition. To find out more contact our team.

Classic Cars

Classic Cars can be a massive money pit when trying to repair. If you are looking to part with your classic car, contact A1 Car Removals for a quote. We pay up to $20,000 for classic cars, the price is completely dependant on the make, model and condition of the vehicle. For more information contact our team.

We don’t just remove cars

If you own a complete motorbike, 4×4, van or truck A1 Car Removals will remove it at no expense to you (T&C apply) To find out what your vehicle is worth, contact A1 Car Removals Today.

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