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Do you have a vehicle collecting dust and cobwebs? Instead of letting it loose all of its value, sell it to A1 Car Removals. We purchase and remove cars across all suburbs of Victoria.

Your vehicle could be worth anywhere between $50-20,000. 

Common indication you need to recycle your car

Its unreliable:

If you find yourself constantly praying you’ll make it work without braking down, this is a sign your vehicle is ready to be recycled. When you decide to upgrade your vehicle, contact A1 Car Removals Melbourne and we will offer you a competitive price to dispose of your unreliable one.

Repairs are costing you more than the vehicles worth:

Are you finding your repeatedly spending money trying to get you outdated car in working order? The reality is your vehicle is probably not worth the money you are investing into it. If you are spending thousands of dollars on a vehicle that is over 15 years of age its worth contacting A1 Car Removals to value your vehicle whilst its still worth something. Keep in mind, the longer you hold onto an unreliable vehicle the more it decreases in value.

It’s weathering away:

Unfortunately unwanted cars don’t make the prettiest decoration in our front garden, especially when they start accumulating dust and cobwebs. If you own a vehicle that has become a feature within your garden we recommend contacting our team before it become worthless. When a vehicle accumulates rust it can lead to unrepairable damage, be proactive and have your vehicle recycled by A1 Car Removals before it looses it value.

Need your car removed ASAP you may be eligable for same day removal 

Car Removals vs Private Sale

Are you undecided whether you should sell your old car privately or to A1 Car Removals? We have outlined the benefits of choosing A1 Car Removals. 

We cover the transfer fees:

Have previously sold a car privately? You may have come across the complication of transferring the vehicle to the new owner. If you are selling the vehicle with registration but not a roadworthy certificate then it can become problematic if the new owner doesn’t get a valid roadworthy certificate within two weeks of the sale. Liability can become a massive problem is the buyer was use the vehicle recklessly, A1 Car Removals doesn’t require a roadworthy certificate to purchase and transfer vehicles as we are licensed by VicRoads. If you don’t want to deal with the stress of correctly transferring your old car then A1 Car Removals is the best option for you. 

You don’t need to invest the money and time in preparing it for sale:

Sending you car to auction and selling it on an online platform always comes at a cost, whether its the money you have to invest in advertising fees, detailing and cleaning the car, the repairs to get it in working order or the time and energy you invest communicating with potential buyers, the price and amount of time can quickly accumulate. A1 Car Removals purchases and removes cars of all makes and models, don’t waste the time and money preparing your vehicle for sale when we will come out to your location to inspect the vehicle. We purchase cars of all conditions and as long as it is a complete car we will pay you to have it removed.

The process is simple:

A1 Car Removals has designed a 4 step process designed to making car removals the preferred choice when selling your old car. The first step is in your hands, contact A1 Car Removals Melbourne to get an estimate of your vehicles worth and we will organise a time to inspect the vehicle. Our team will then visit your location to inspect the condition of the car, once we have agreed on a price we complete all the paperwork required to transfer and remove the vehicle and then we have your car removed.

Private Buyers can expect the world: 

If you have sold a car to a difficult buyer then you know exactly what I am talking about. Unfortunately some buyers don’t understand that cars experience common wear and tear with age. If there is an issue with the vehicle after you have sold it, customers can occasionally try and pin the blame on you. When a car is sold to A1 Car Removals all responsibility is transferred to us, you won’t hear from us again unless you need another vehicle removed.


We have established a 4-step system to make removing your car stress free

Contact our team

We inspect the vehicle

We agree on a price

We remove the vehicle

Do you have a question about selling your car to A1 Car Removals?

We may have already answered it, we have answered a few of our most commonly asked questions.

Will I be paid cash for my car?

In 2018 legislations were changed by The Victorian Government making it illegal to pay cash within the car removal industry. So no you won’t be paid cash for your car as it is illegal. We pay via your preferred method of either bank transfer or a non transferable check. 

Will I be charged for the removal?

No, if your vehicle is complete we cover all of the cost associated with removing your car. This includes the towing fee and transfer fees. 

What documentation do I need to have my car removed?

A1 Car Removals requires an Australian drivers license to complete the transfer paperwork and the keys to the vehicle. If you do not hold an Australian drivers license then you are able to provide alternative documentation such as an Australian Passport or an International Drivers License, we will also require proof of ownership if you do not hold an Australian Drivers License. 

Will A1 Car Removals purchase my unwanted car if it has finance owing?

No, if there is finance owing on the vehicle you are required to pay out the remaining amount before you can sell it to A1 Car Removals. Once you have finalised the payout and we have agreed on a price we can remove it. 

How quickly can I have my car removed?

A1 Car Removals offers same day removal to most metropolitan suburbs of Victoria. If you live in Regional Victoria it can take a day or 2 to have your car removed. We recommend contacting the team to book a time that suits your schedule. 

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