The Truth

You will often find many car removal services will abuse the word cash on their advertising platforms to lure you into choosing their service. The truth is they are lying to you. In 2018 the Victorian Government banned the use of cash payments when purchasing cars and scrap metal within the industry. Despite these changes, companies continue to advertise cash payments to persuade individuals to using their services.

Don’t be fooled

No matter how convincing the company is, don’t believe you will be paid in cash. To prevent companies from rebelling against the legislation the Victorian Government introduced penalties to stop companies from paying in cash. If you were to accept a cash payment for your car then both yourself and the car removal company are at risk of being financially penalised. Don’t forget all transfer paperwork is now completed online and recorded by VicRoads.

If they have lied to you once, do you still trust them?

Now if someone has lied to once it’s really hard to gain their trust. We highly recommend choosing a company to sell your car to that has been honest throughout the entire experience, if a company is guarantying cash payments, who’s to say they aren’t lying about the amount of money you will receive for your vehicle.

A1 Car Removals is licensed by VicRoads to purchase and remove cars across all suburbs of Victoria. We pay only using bank transfer or a non-transferable bank cheque in line with the current legislations. To have you unwanted car removed give the team at A1 Car Removals Melbourne a call on 0421992090